Countdown to DAY ONE -
start making a difference

Meet & greet

Someone will be on the door greeting people as they arrive. People will be encouraged to help themselves to tea or coffee and cake. This will provide the opportunity to chat with others or just take a seat ready for the event to begin.

Introductory talk

Charlotte Dagless will give an introductory talk including welcoming, why we are here and what is going to happen during the event. The intended outcomes from the day will be expressed - these being that we commit to one small change together. Also to support larger change in the future eg. transferring to renewable energy as a community. The Change Board will be explained.

Listen to an expert

Hear about where we are now with climate change. How did we get here? This will act as a reminder for those people who already have an awareness of this issue and for those who are still learning about climate change, this will be useful and hopefully interesting information.

The psychology

Stephen Dagless will then talk. His degree and teaching experience in Psychology lend weight to him talking about the psychological barriers to change. He can also talk from personal experience about having been a person who was entrenched in his traditional lifestyle but then changed to a more sustainable way of living.

Quiz and Group Discussion

What can we actually do about this issue? The quiz will introduce ideas for small actions we can take at home and also larger changes as a community. We can then start to think about committing to the same small step together. Everyone will have the chance to show support for larger changes to come. This support can also be expressed on the Change Board.

In Conclusion

The session will come to an end with a summary of what has been discussed from Charlotte Dagless. We will look at what is to come in the future and thank everyone for coming. Let's remember that Day One started in Farmborough.

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