"It's the little details that are vital.
Little things make big things happen"

John Wooden

Countdown to DAY ONE -
start making a difference

Come to the Day One Event March 7th

Learn how you can make a difference...

Earth just sweltered through its hottest five-year period on record, the Amazon is on fire, as are parts of California and glaciers in Iceland are melting. The seemingly never-ending newsreel of climate catastrophes can leave us feeling powerless. While it's true that we need government assistance in making the societal-level changes that are necessary, we as individuals are not powerless.

Day One is a local event where our community will come together to listen to experts; discuss practical and simple ways of making a difference. By doing something simple at home or as a community, we can help protect ourselves and the next generation from the effects of climate change.

Come along to our Day One Event on March 7th

Small steps to make a big difference

There are countless ways to help the environment from home. Some require nothing more than keeping a conscientious eye on your energy usage, while others require time and commitment. Nonetheless, any action you take toward lessening your impact on the world won’t only help the environment, it will also help your wallet.


  • Switch off standby

    You can save around £30 a year

  • Unplug appliances

    reduce your energy footprint and save money.

  • Cut back on water

    Fix any leaks and install a smart water system

  • Eat less meat

    Factory farming is also the single-largest contributor to pollution

Day One on a personal level:

  • Tackling environmental issues at home
    helps to feel more positive about climate change. Day One relates to where you live so you can see change happen.
  • Focusing solely on climate change
    giving everyone the opportunity to do something.
  • Energy saving at home
    can make you feel empowered because it is achievable, you could save money and experience a feel good factor.
  • It’s a community event
    feel part of a movement, don't miss out.
  • Guest speaker
    will be informative and interesting.
  • Quiz
    express your opinion.
  • Change board with bigger picture
    maybe feel excitement about the future.
  • Group Discussion
    participate and decide together.
  • Refreshments
    free tea and cake.

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Conserving Energy

Smart ways of saving energy to save money and the planet!

daylight lamps, isolated

Effective Recycling

Tips and ideas for effective recycling to save time and help us.

Recycle symbol made of used plastic bottles

Community Action

Ideas for working together as a group to make positive change.

Paper chain family protected in cupped hands on white background

Your community needs you....

3-5pm on 7th March 2020

Expert Opinions


"We must reverse the nefarious consequences of global warming, which is a powerful threat to our planet and to humanity."

Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 14.13.06

José Condugua António  Pacheco

"The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say - we will never forgive you"

Greta Thunberg

"Never has science around the world been so abundant to meet the challenges that we have."

Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 14.19.50

Emmanuel Macron

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